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First Aid, CPR, and AED Certification Course


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First Aid, CPR, & AED Certification Course

Our hands-on CPR and First Aid training courses are designed to help prepare First Responders in the proper administration of first aid until more advanced help can be obtained. Students will apply their knowledge and skills in first aid response by observing and reacting to simulated real-life emergencies. This course meets all healthcare industry requirements

Adult CPR , AED & First Aid Certification: The hands-on training incorporates lifesaving techniques such as adult CPR skills, assisting choking victims, rescue breathing techniques, and in the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Includes training in administering first aid to bleeding wounds and bone injuries, correctly handling various chemical burns, splinting, assessing and responding to shock, treating poisoning, heat-related emergencies and many other common incidents. This training could mean the difference between life and death, rapid versus prolonged recovery and temporary versus permanent disability.

This course is excellent for divers and non-divers and can be used for the CPR certification requirement for the Rescue course and Divemaster  classes.

*Including training manual and certification card (Group Rate)

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