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Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures


Call for Schedule & for Pricing 239-434-7477

TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco Procedures Courese

This course is designed to train the advanced diver to plan and execute
decompression dives down to 150 feet utilizing oxygen enriched gas to
optimize decompression.


- SDI Advanced Diver or equivalent
- 25 logged dives not counting training dives.

- 18 years of age minimum
- SDI Nitrox Diver or equivalent
- Current DAN Insurance


Course Information:

- 6 Dives
- 4 students maximum, 2 students minimum.
- 12 hours academic including briefings.
- Three classroom sessions and one pool session.

Combined course, three open water diving days (Key Largo.) $1995.00 per student
excludes charter fees, rentals, and gas fees etc.
Three classroom sessions. One pool session.

Students will have all required equipment as listed on equipment requirements

The above cost is for training. Certification is earned by proficiency, attitude,
and completion of all facets of the course.

Price includes student manual, handouts, and certification fees.

Decompression Procedures Trainee Equipment List

Orange SMB 25 pound lift. Recommend open bottom with oral
Reel with 300 - 400 foot of line.
Primary regulator DIN preferred with seven foot long hose. (5 foot
okay for single tank rig.)
Deco regulator, O2 clean, 36 inch hose, DIN connection preferred.
Redundant air source regulator, DIN preferred, 36 to 42 inch hose
length with button type SPG or SPG on 6 inch hose
(if using twin set, hose is 24-26 inches and no spg.)
SPG with 6 inch hose for deco stage cylinder
SPG analog with 24-26 inch hose recommended for primary set up.
Z cutter and a sharp knife.
Neck bungee for back up regulator.
Backup facemask.
Slate or wet notes (wrist mount slate preferred.)
Log book.
Dive computer and back up timing device (computer or dive watch.)
Jon line.
2- Stainless steel double ender clips 4 inch in length.
1-3 ½ or 4 inch stainless steel piston bolt type clips with 1 inch eye
2-2 inch stainless piston bolt snaps.
Two cylinders, steel 120 to 130 cf. capacity if single tank set up, steel
preferred or preferably twin cylinder set ups (back mount) iso
manifold. 80 cf. aluminum, LP85 steel, or steel HP100 etc.
Two sets
of twins required for open water dives. They can be rented.

One 30-40 cf. aluminum cylinder (pony bottle) If single cylinder set up
being used. Mounting hardware set up to primary cylinder.
One 40 cf. aluminum cylinder (deco cylinder 02 clean)
Stage clips/band set up and labeling for 40 cf. deco cylinder. 70 foot
MOD label placed horizontally along cylinder side inline with valve
knob, about 2 inches from bottom of cylinder. Fill with 50 percent

BCD with adequate lift for cylinder(s) configuration. (38 pound
minimum lift for single cylinder set up or 45 pound lift (80 cf.
aluminum and steel LP85) to 60 pound lift for 100 cf. twin tanks.
plate, harness, and wing set up required for twin tanks and
recommended for single tank as well. Note: If using steel twin
cylinders and diving a wetsuit a redundant bladder wing is
required. Redundant bladder is actually preferred for all set ups.


Open water gear with gloves and full wetsuit or dry suit. Hood

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