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5 Weeks - Open Water Classes

For ages 10* and UP!

*Students under 12 must attend class with a parent or guardian.

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Call to Book & for Pricing 239-434-7477


2024 Group Open Water Class Schedule

Class starts on:

January 4th
January 16th
February 7th
February 22nd
March 12th
March 27th
April 16th
May 2nd
May 15th
June 13th
June 25th
July 17th
August 1st
August 27th
September 4th
October 3rd

Class day:



Florida Keys Dive

Final dive

February 3-4th
February 17-18th
March 9-10th
March 23-24th
April 13-14th
April 27-28th
May 18-19th
June 1-2nd
June 15-16th
July 13-14th
July 27-28th
August 17-18th
August 31-1st
September 28-29th
October 5-6th
November 2-3rd

What you'll need.

What is provided.

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When you book a class, we offer 10% off the equipment (above right) for purchase.

Offer is still available after class has ended.

First class is in our on-site classroom, so you won't need your snorkeling gear. 

Now it's time to go for a swim. You will be required to have a mask, snorkel, boots, fins, and a dive suit (above left). All of which can be purchased at the dive shop, prior to the first pool class. 

Your Open Water Dives will be at

The Florida Keys Dive Center

90451 Old Hwy Tavernier, Fl 33070

Saturday: 2 dives - starting at noon

Sunday: 2 dives - starting at 8am



The cost of the class does not include travel or hotel room in The Keys for the Open Water class.

Diving is very weather dependent, therefore, we suggest booking directly with the hotel and not a third party. In our experience, hotels are easier to change the date or cancel the reservation. AirBnB will not let you cancel. We suggest..

$$$$ The Courtyard Marriot

$$$ Marina Del Mar

$$ Creed Side Inn

$$ TRU by Hilton

$ Key Lantern


Open Water Classes

Since 1993, our programs stress safety and being properly equipped.
There are no short cuts to quality instruction and diving equipment systems.
Our goal is quality customer service. We have the most experienced instructors using the best educational materials and diving equipment in our training programs.
Our SCUBA certification agency does two things for your training- they print the books that you use for the training, and they make the plastic cards that we issue. All training is done by our certified SCUBA instructors.
OPEN WATER Beginner Level Class

1. Course Equipment and Counseling

This first step toward entering this new adventure is learning the basic functions of your total diving equipment systems. SCUBAdventures offers the most modern, up to date SCUBA instruction and equipment. Your professional instructor/equipment counselor can help you choose the right equipment. Your instructor will familiarize you with the course structure and requirements, making sure you enjoy all learning phases of become a competent safe scuba diver.

2. HOME or ONLINE Training

Home or online training is required followed by two classroom sessions with your instructor.  Classroom training includes review which prepares you for your sub aquatic experience!  To dive safely-there is much to learn and time will pass quickly.  Soon you  will  be living the adventure you now only dream about.

3. POOL Training

Your pool training with SCUBA allows you to adapt technically and  psychologically to the underwater world. Three pool training sessions at the huge, 13 foot deep pool will get you safely adapted to the equipment and necessary skills to become a safe diver.


All phases of your training, dive planning and preparation will fall  into place as you experience your final open water dives in KEY LARGO’S MARINE SANCTUARY! Each boat dive will make you more comfortable with the marine environment and your diving equipment.  FOUR OPEN WATER SCUBA DIVES ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE YOUR SCUBA CERTIFICATION.  Most dives are scheduled over a weekend.

Our Ultimate SCUBA Training Package includes:

  • Two Classroom sessions and 3 confined water training sessions, student training kit.

  • Use of a Deluxe SCUBAPRO computerized diving system for both pool and open water dives.

  • Charter boat fees for the 4 open water training dives in Key Largo

  • Upon successful completion you will be awarded the SDI Open Water Dive certification card-one of the most respected certifications in the world!


$695 per person

Personal snorkeling gear, travel & hotel expenses not included

*  Minimum 6 in class group classes

 Deposit required for class reservations

Each student is required to have their personal equipment-high quality mask, snorkel, fins with boots and wet suit.

Save when purchasing your class and snorkeling package from us!

Ask about our packages with 100% financing! 

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