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Water Rescue Operations


Call for Schedule & for Pricing 239-434-7477

Water Rescue Operations Technician Course

Course is three days of training comprised of classroom, one pool session
and open water training. Course is designed to meet or exceed NFPA 1670
standards for water rescue.

Topics covered in course are site size up, preparation, gear configuration,
surface water rescue procedures, urban flood search, self rescue exercises,
shore rescue maneuvers, self rescue, rescue swimmer techniques, line
tending, moving water rescues, rescue board use, surf rescue techniques (if
applicable to area), rescue can/tube use, knot tying, Z-rig rope set up, victim
handling/extrication, and IMS operational guidelines.

Students must have a full wetsuit or dry suit, booties, and gloves.
Specialized PPE can be provided by instructor.


Students successfully completing all training will be certified as ERDI*
Water Rescue Ops Technicians or operations level*
Course cost is $3900.00 for up to 8 trainees. Additional trainees are $350.00

*ERDI Emergency Response Diving International
* Technician level swim pre requisite: 400 meters, 15 minutes or less no
swim aids. 10 minute tread, and ten pound weight retrieval from bottom of
* Operations level: 150 meters, 11 minutes or less no swim aids.

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