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Naples SCUBA charter Rates

All photography in the Gulf off

Naples and Marco Island

by Kevin Sweeney

Naples, FL Dive Charter Rates

 We offer two different levels of diving with KrakOnoon Charters-. Nearshore (1-9 miles) and offshore (9-25 miles). Most diving by the locals is done farther offshore where the premier dive sites are. The closer sites are also packed with all different species of aquatic life such as turtles, stingrays, groupers, pelegic species, a plethora of tropical fish & more! Nearshore can be great for spearfishing but visibility can vary and is unpredictable at times. Please let us know what type of diving you would prefer and we can point you in the right direction depending on water conditions. Certified divers only-please bring your certification card and log book with you.


• Trip includes charter, weights and refeshments on     board. Gear not included but can be arranged.   

See prices below.


                   We can accomodate up to 4 divers



Option #1 - Off shore Trip

Naples' Premier Divesites 

These off shore trips are seasonal-

usually April thru October


 These are Naples' Premier Dive spots. These sites are unique and are frequented by many fishermen. Depths range from 65-80 feet


• 2 Tank Dive

•Dive The Hole & The "R" Tower or Paddlewheel wreck.

• 50 mile round trip 

• Departs from Marco Island 8AM returns 3PM


 $540 for Charter only- up to 4 divers

[Equipment rental not included]


$940 Offshore Dive Charter with all dive equipment package ncludes:

Dive charter and

     Full gear rental for 4 divers


 Dive guide for the day $125 extra

      [Full rental package includies mask snorkel fins and wet suit,              regulator, dive computer BCD and tanks]


Option #2 -

Naples' Nearshore trip 


*Nearshore trips can be exciting. Lots of wildlife lives on these spots. Depths can range from 20-40 feet


• Nearshore trips 1-9 miles

• Trip runs 8am - 1pm

 Dive Ledges, wrecks and artificial reefs

• 18 mile round trip


$380  Charter only up to 4 divers


 $780  includes charter for 4 divers and full       gear rental with tanks for 4 divers.


Dive guide for the day $125 extra




Tanks only:


•$10.00  80 cubic foot  Air tank rental

•$15.00  80 cubic  Nitrox tank rental 32%


All equipment rental pacakge;

 Includes Full rental package:

 mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, regulator, dive computer, BCD and 2 tanks


$90 each for air equipment rental  package

$100 each for Nitrox equipment rental package