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Gulf SCUBA charters with SCUBAdventures

Naples Florida Gulf SCUBA diving Charters 

Photography in the Gulf  by Kevin Sweeney

SCUBA dive in Naples Florida! There are many sites to chose from. Whether you are on vacation or a local Naples has great SCUBA dive trips all the time! Diving in naples offers diving almost all year round,weather permitting. SCUBA Dive Naples and you will experience sites that will remain with you for a lifetime! Fish are abundant and very large. There are literally, schools of Goliath grouper (up to 400 lbs)  meandering nurse sharks, sting rays and turtles cruising the area. Check out our list of recommended sites and call Captain  Bill at 239-269-5728  to book your trip. SCUBAdventures can help you prepare your gear and fill tanks for these trips. 


 Nearshore: Ledges, wrecks & artificial reefs

A series of ledges, holes and cracks loaded with fish life,

Several varieties of snapper and grouper inhabit the two

to six foot  highledges. Visiblity between 5 and 30 feet

depending on time of year. This is our most popular dive 

trip! Plenty of life, if not more than the farther offshore 

sites. We can also arrange spearfishing trips in this range 


Black Hole

The hole is also known as Naples Spring even though it is 27 miles

offshore of Naples in the Gulf of Mexico.  In prehistoric times the

black hole was a spring or sinkhole, but the circular opening is

now 65 below the Gulf of  Mexico’s surface. The entrance to this

large drowned sinkhole is 82 feet in diameter. From the rim, the

limestone shaft plunges to depths of 224 feet, taking an hour glass

shape at 100 feet. Sea turtles frequent the area along with large

grouper and many other kinds of fish. Several sponge covered

ledges can be found near the entrance.

Visibility fluctuates between 10 & 50 feet with best condition

s in the spring and early summer.



“R” Tower

This steel structure of a navigational tower

located 30 mile south west of Naples

reaches down 70 feet to the sea floor. Great

schoolsof pelagic fish, barracuda, goliath

grouper,snapper and tropical fish are

attracted to the complex framework. Visibility

10 to 70 feet.



Paddle wheeler wreck

The wreck of a stern paddlewheel steamer,

known locally as the “Paddlewheeler”, rests

upside down in 80 feet of water  30 miles

off Naples. The only clue to its identity is a

pressure gauge that was manufactured in1898.






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